What s On My iPhone 11 apps that are helping me get through college

What s On My iPhone 11 apps that are helping me get through college

What s On My iPhone 11 apps that are helping me get through college


December 1, 2020

What s On My iPhone 11 apps that are helping me get through college Today, I’m going to show you what I have on my iPhone 11. First off, this is my case. This is from Casetify. I got to partner with them for today’s video, so I’m super excited about that. I’ve always wanted to try out Casetify cases because I’ve seen so many celebrities use them. Literally, every pop idol I follow uses Casetify cases. I got a total of four cases from them. This is the one that I have on my phone right now,

I also have this holographic phone case. Super iridescent. And then, I custom-made this. Mine says 818 because that’s the area code that I grew up in And then lastly, I got this case that just says casetify all over it. These cases have military-grade drop protection, so they’re super protective for a phone. You can choose from thousands of designs or customize your own case with your favorite color and font.

These cases are actually drop test approved, so I’m going to do a drop test right now. I changed my screen protector, so it’s brand new and uncracked. Hopefully, i don’t drop it on my toes. Okay, so dropped my phone. It’s completely fine. I was scared for a second, but we’re good. If you’re interested in getting your own casetify case, you can head over to casetify.com/yoora to get 20% off your order. Okay, let’s get into what I have on my phone. It is 12:57 PM right now.

So first, this is my wallpaper. It’s a live wallpaper, so if I press it, it moves. You can see the cars moving and all. I got this wallpaper from tik-tok. This is actually Korea. You can see the Han River there. This wallpaper is also a picture of Korea. This is Busan. I just thought it was really pretty with the pastel sky and all, so I made it my wallpaper. I have a total of three screens with a bunch of apps. To start with this screen, I have Calendar, Photos, Camera, Clock, Reminders,

Notes, App store, Health, and Wallet. I don’t know why these specificapps are on this specific page. There’s really no structure to any of this. I use the Notes app to take notes on basically anything. If I need to brainstorm any video ideas, I’ll jot them down. Packing lists for whenever I go traveling, grocery lists when I go grocery shopping So yeah, that’s my first page. There’s really not much to talk about for this one, so let’s move on. And then, the second page. Again, it’s

really not that organized. I don’t really use folders because I find them to not be really convenient when I’m looking for apps. I like to have them laid out so that I can see them and access them more easily, so that’s why I have all of these apps just laying around. I have Files, Find My iPhone, Utilities In this folder, I have Voice memos, Compass, Measure, Calculator. I literally don’t use the Compass and Measure at all.

I do use voice memos for when I do voiceovers for my videos and Calculator to calculate things, obviously. And then, I have Instagram on the top right corner. And then, for the second row, I have Twitter, YouTube, YouTube studio, and Bank of America. I don’t have a public Twitter account, so if you see anyone who’s claiming to be me, it’s probably not me. I just look at Twitter to keep up with current events and stuff. And then YouTube, obviously I watch a lot of YouTube.

I use YouTube studio a lot to check my performance on videos and check my comments and stuff like that. The function that I don’t really like but I find helpful anyway is this, You get to see what your a recent video ranked compared to your other videos in terms of views. So, my recent video ranked 7/10. Then, third row, we have Gmail, Venmo, Uber, and Lyft. So, for Gmail, as you can see I have 10,641 unread emails. That doesn’t mean I don’t check my emails. It means that

I get a lot of spam emails that I don’t bother opening. I’m not sure if Venmo is like a US-exclusive app (it is). This is a very easy way to transfer money to and from your friends. It’s practically impossible to survive college without Venmo because you’re constantly having to pay for parties or event tickets or this is how you payyour friends when they pay for your uber and we all do that through venmo sothat’s a pretty essential app. if you’re not familiar with Uber and Lyft, they’re basically taxis,

but you call them to where you are. Whether I use Uber or Lyft depends on the rates at the time, so usually when I need to go somewhere, I’ll check both uber and lyft and compare the prices. Sometimes, there are promotions for Lyft, and Lyft will be a lot cheaper, but other times Uber will be cheaper. It just depends on the time. In this row, I have Google photos, Picsart, Weather, and iMovie.

So, Google photos. it’s good for when you don’t have enough storage in your phone and you still want to have photos because it doesn’t take up storage in your actual phone. For PicsArt, I use this app almost every time I make a thumbnail for my video. What I’ll do is I often use the grid function and then I’ll go into ratio and choose 16:9 because that’s the thumbnail size for YouTube. And after that, I might go into draw. Then, I might scribble something like vlog So,

I use this app to make a collage for my thumbnails and also scribble. My handwriting sucks. And then I have iMovie. I don’t really use it. I only use it for when I need to combine two videos together. But, other than that I don’t really gravitate towards iMovie at all. The second-to-last row, we haveV live, Amazon, Starbucks, and Chase Bank. I’m only subscribed to two channels on V live. BTS and Playlist For BTS,

they do live streams on here, so I tune into those sometimes and they also have their own content posted on here and then for Playlist, this is a web drama channel. They also have a YouTube channel, and I mainly watch their videos on YouTube rather than on this app, but sometimes they will pre-release some of the episodes onto this app before they have it on YouTube, so if I’m really dying to know what happens next, I’ll come on this app and watch the episodes.

I really like the Love Playlist seasons. It’s just about college life, and I recently really liked XX. I use the Amazon app to order stuff from Amazon. And then, Starbucks. I don’t really drink Starbucks anymore, but it does come in handy. I used to have gold membership, but I don’t have that anymore because I haven’t been drinking it too much. I have $6 left, so I can probably drink like one or two more drinks. And then, I have the Chase Bank app because I have an account open

with them. And then, the last row we have Phonto, Webtoon, and Snapchat. For Phonto, I got this app mainly for one feature. this feature So here, you can curve the font. This is the main feature that I use for this app. And then, Webtoon. There are a bunch of different webtoons every single day. These are the webtoons that I’m currently reading.

(these webtoons) I know they also have an English app that translates some of the webtoons. Then, the last app on this slide is Snapchat. I used to use snapchat as another platform and I used to ask you guys to add me on snapchat. Yeah, I stopped doing that like two years ago hi The only reason why I have snapchat is because there are a few people who I’m only able to reach through snapchat. I actually had to redownload it recently just for one person, but I don’t really use it. This is the last slide. I keep calling it a slide, but you guys get what I mean. What s On My iPhone 11 apps that are helping me get through college

For the first row, I have a Chrome, Snow,Google Maps, and Hopper. For my Macbook, I use Chrome more than I do Safari, but for my phone for some reason, I don’t really gravitate towards using Chrome, but I do have it just in case. And then, Snow app. This is basically an app where you can take pictures and edit them. They also have a bunch of cool stickers. This is a frog. I like to use this app to add filters to my thumbnails [selfie time] Ok and then, I have Google Maps.

Google Maps is so helpful on college campuses. I definitely relied on Google Maps for the first month of college just trying to find my classes and stuff. I think I still use Google Maps to be honest. There are some buildings that I’ve never taken classes in, and I still don’t know where some buildings are on campus, so I like using Google Maps to take me to places I’ve never been before Next, I have Hopper.

This app is super good for booking flight tickets. Let’s say I’m going from Los Angeles to Chicago. It’ll give me the prices for each date, so green is the cheapest and it’s honestly been a lifesaver in college because I need to fly from LA to Chicago every semester, and it gives you the cheapest flight ticket information. So here, you can see it gives me the current lowest price $75 per traveler. So yeah, that’s what I use Hopper for. And then, the second row we have

Okta Verify, Google Docs, Spotify, and TikTok. Okta verify is our school’s two-step security system, so if we want to log into our school account, we have to go through this appand press the button in order to log on. It’s just a way to ensure that no one’s hacking our information. Ok, next we have Google Docs. I like to use Google Docs for when I’m cramming for exams. For example, I’ll take notes on Google Docs and while I’m walking to campus, I’ll just study this What s On My iPhone 11 apps that are helping me get through college

over and over and over again. Basically, every college student uses Google Docs forwhenever they write essays or lab reports. I’m planning on renewing my spotify premium account once I go back to school cuz I like to listen to music while I take a shower or when I walk to campus. It’s like a 20 to 25 minute walk depending on where I need to go, and it can get boring, so I like to listen to music while I walk to campus. And then, I have TikTok. It’s a good time. My @ is yoorajung. And then, this row, we have Reddit, Polleverywhere, Weverse, and Foreo. So for reddit, I like to use this to keep up with pre-med information.

They also give a lot of tips for taking the MCAT and pre-med classes, so I find these to be really helpful. I don’t come on here too often but whenever I do need some motivation, I guess, I’ll hop on here and read what other people are doing. I have Polleverywhere. This is for college classes. A lot of professors will do polleverywhere, which is basically a quiz that they give in real time just to check attendance. What s On My iPhone 11 apps that are helping me get through college

Yeah, so I have the app to answer the questions on time. I mainly have Weverse for BTS. This is like a social media app for big hit artists. And then, Foreo app. This is for my Foreo devices, like the Luna mini 3 and the UFO 2. You can adjust your preferences on here Second to last row, we have LinkedIn,Ticketmaster, Papa John’s, and PayPal. LinkedIn, I made a profile, but it’s not complete. But, I still get a lot of requests from you guys. If you’re not familiar with LinkedIn, it’s basically where you post about your achievements career-wise.

if you have a LinkedIn profile. it’s really good for when you apply for jobs so that they can see your accomplishments. I know a lot of business people use LinkedIn to create connections, but I just don’t use it. I got Ticketmaster for BTS concert tickets. And then, Papa John’s. I live right next to a Papa John’s, so I’ll often order a pepperoni pizza. I’m literally one point away fromgetting a free pizza should I…

? Should I order a pizza? Paypal: I don’t really use PayPal too often. For the last row, we have a Yelp,Record it, Zoom, and Adobe Draw. I like using Yelp for whenever I’d go to new places and I need to look up good restaurants nearby. And then, Record It. This is for screen recordings. Zoom is for video calling. Professors will use

zoom for their lectures (for online courses) And then, the last app is Adobe draw. I don’t really draw too often, but I want to practice drawing more, so I have Adobe Draw. So yeah, that’s it for today’s video. Thank you guys so much for watching until the end, and I will see you What s On My iPhone 11 apps that are helping me get through college

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