December 1, 2020

IF APPS WERE REAL 3 Huge thanks to new Candy Crush Friends Saga for sponsoring today’s episode music continue IF APPS WERE REAL 3 Find my friends (typing) Woah! Cool, just checking. Bye! Candy Crush Friends Saga And this of course is the lemonade lake! Wow!

(kid takes candy) Oh uh, no, that’s a piece of our ho- Yum! (dramatic music) You just ate a part of our world! (intense sobbing) What kind of monster would eat my tree? Oh, it’s ok Yeti. Oh, I can I can pay you back for th- Just go But– but I– GOOOO!!!! What is wrong with you people? You’re destroying Yeti’s dream! even more intense sobbing

Venmo Denis what’s up, man? Oh, yeah. Here’s that money i owe you bro. Oh, what’s this for? For popping my back pimples. What? I didn’t do that! (snickering) I’m just playing its for pizza. Then why did you say pimples? Because its funny right? Is it? Yes, they’re laughing. loud laughter No no no, we’re laughing about something else. Yeah, silly Venmo description jokes are not funny at all. (agreed)Yeah.

You should never do that again. Coffee meets Bagel (easy-listening music) Twitter (chipper music) I love ice cream! Ice cream sucks!! Chocolate chip only all the other flavors can suck it! I’m vegan, so ice cream is murder! It’s too cold! (music stops) Facetune Hey guys… (in monotonous unision) Hey Noah This world is a nightmare! Yes Noah! postmates Hungry? Sushi is free delivery. Okay, yeah.

Sorry, they’re too busy. Would you like pizza instead?(HELL YEAH) Umm, Sure, I’ll have a medium pepperoni. Oh no, there’s no one there to pick it up. Then why did you ask me? Would you like Chinese food? It’s only 20 minute delivery time. Sure. Yeah, Chinese is fine. Oh Nooooooooooo!! Uh oh! They’re no longer accepting orders. Ok, you know what fine! How about I just get off my ass and cook myself a

meal then?! (silence) (laughter, gradually turns to babble) bleh. Huge thanks to the new candy crush Friends saga for sponsoring today’s episode. It’s sweeter than ever! Wow, thanks so much for watching this video about apps I love apps, Wow and if you want to watch if apps were real 2, click that box on the right. IF APPS WERE REAL 3

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