Actually Making Good Music With Apps

Actually Making Good Music With Apps

Actually Making Good Music With Apps


December 1, 2020

Actually Making Good Music With Apps Hey, it’s Andrew Huang, and I have a problem. Let me know if this resonates with you. You download a bunch of awesome music apps buy them maybe, maybe they’re free! You play with them, and it’s really great, and then You don’t really make anything substantial. What I want to do today is use these apps that

I love to actually create some proper tracks. Especially the ones that I’ve never used in that way before. Here’s a hot tip for Apple people–if you want to get crisp amazing audio off your Ios device, plug your thing into Your thing, and then plug the other end of that thing into your other thing. Go to audio Midi thing, click on the

windows thing, click on the show things thing choose your thing and now you can select it as an audio Input in your music software and get that nice crispy digital signal. “I am a beautiful audio signal” The first app I’m going to use today is called Wretch Up. This thing lets you either record a loop or take live audio input and then really Mess with it. Like it’s hard for it to not be messy.

I’m going to throw in a bassline now using DRC The next app in the mix will be bebot he is so cute And now I’m just going to layer in some extra drums with funk box. I guess I haven’t really explained yet, but what I’m doing in ableton is all the editing and arranging. The apps are the fun and fast part It’s just pure creativity in there And I think that’s why we love playing with them so much.

When I have the audio on the computer I can actually structure a track out of all these sounds, I can polish them up a bit more, I can process them more if I want to. In short, I can make it sound like a piece of music rather than just a bunch of fun little loops and noises, as great as those are. Oh yeah, also it means I can add a bunch of stuff that isn’t from apps! All these sounds from the apps are definitely the foundation of this track, but I might also want to do some stuff like No reed,

no strings, no keys. Any means to get up above the means. Portal to the whole world on a screen Imma fill it to the limit Imma fill it with a dream. capacitive additive mapping massive analysis on creation so sanitive am i sane to examine it? i’ve been spending my whole life reading signs, reading sines, leaving fingerprint loops, let you read between the lines. If you want it now will you take your time?

The Mislaid crown. Will you keep your mind? Is it underground? Is it locked inside? Give me that, give me that, give me that reason to move. Oh my, yes I’m taking that No time to be wasting that I’m too high, never make it back No time to be wasting that time to be wasting that time you can’t take it back If you want it now Will you let me know? Get up off the ground. Leave the fear at home If you want it now I’m feeling ready to go Give me that give me car door Okay,

I’ve been up most of the day, had a couple meetings to go to. Let’s talk about apps again For the track you just heard I was working with a lot of apps that Really just make sound, but there are apps out there that let you Construct tracks they let you arrange things they let you mix I saw this story about an 18 year old producer Steve Lacey who did one of the tracks on Kendrick’s new album using his iphone

And garageband like a free app that comes with the phone. This is the world we’re living in now Now did Kendrick record his vocals for that song on the iPhone? Mmm, I doubt it But still it goes to show what’s possible With the technology that most of us are carrying around in our pockets Every day. And with some of the

apps out there that are a bit more powerful I think it’s just a change in mindset to go from having fun making noises to Constructing a full piece of music. With a little bit of vision and work You can elevate your loops and make them into songs, if that’s

something you want to do. So I’m going to go find a cafe Right now and try and make a full-fledged track using just one app. A few people on Twitter told me to check out luxury? Can you see that? So that’s what I’m going to use today Actually Making Good Music With Apps

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