7 Advanced apps help WhatsApp that you have to have

7 Advanced apps help WhatsApp that you have to have

7 Advanced apps help WhatsApp that you have to have


December 1, 2020

7 Advanced apps help WhatsApp that you have to have Hey guys .. various features in the complete WhatsApp apps, and making these apps one of the best chat apps today, plus there are no annoying advertisements. but from the greatness of the WhatsApp apps it turns out that there are some shortcomings which are actually quite important and to support your WhatsApp apps even cooler, Next, I review the 7 advanced WhatsApp support apps.

but before I continue the video, as usual I invite you to subscribe to this channel and provide benefits to others the first is “Video2me” as you know that the duration of the video in the status post in the WhatsApp apps that we make is only able to play for 30 seconds whereas in fact the duration of the video posted was quite long. To overcome this you can use the apps “Video2me” so that the duration of videos posted for WhatsApp status can be played longer and to

find out how to use the “Viedeo2me” apps, please watch the tutorial video on the link in my description column. The second is the apps “Open in WhatsApp” This application is very useful when you will chat with someone who contacts WhatsApp has not been stored on the smartphone device. it’s very easy for you to open apps then enter the number you want to chat with, then select Open Then then you can chat or call with the person you are aiming for without

having to save the number the third is apps “Recent Notification” create a chat that often gets chat from someone, then the chat is deleted by the sender, before you read it, then of course it will be curious about the contents of the chat. by using these apps, all incoming WhatsApp chats will be recorded automatically and you can see them even though the chat has been deleted by the sender. and to find out how to use these apps, please see the tutorial video on the

link in the description. The fourth is “Hushed” apps, those of you who want to create a new Whatsapp account or change the current WhatsApp number, but don’t have a telephone number to register, then the solution is to use “Hushed” apps These apps allow you to make temporary phone numbers that can be used and registered to create a Whatsapp account okay the fifth is the apps “Az Screen Recorder” one of the most beautiful moments on WhatsApp apps is

when you do a video call activity with your partner but it is unfortunate that the moment of the video call cannot be recorded and captured in the form of video. because there are no features in the WhatsApp apps to record it by using these apps you can easily record video call activities with your partner. and the recordings will be saved as videos on a smartphone device then the sixth application is “WhatsBubble” to change the incoming WhatsApp notification display such as Messenger, which is a round icon like this, then you can use

Bubble chat apps so that Whatsapp chat is easier In addition there are many that you see and will not disappear before being deleted To find out how to use these apps, please click on the link in the video description to see the tutorial video. the next seventh video is apps “Fake GPS Location” When someone wants to know where you are and asks to send it via WhatsApp,

then of course you can’t lie with the current position because the location data sent by WhatsApp is accurate data from the location access system on the smartphone. and by using these apps you can adjust the location system readings according to your wishes. For example, for example, my location is in the Sukabumi area then by using these fake GPS apps, I set them to the Monas area Next, when this location

is sent to a distant friend there via WhatsApp then the recipient of the message there will believe that I am indeed currently at Monas Okay friends, that’s the 7 advanced apps for WhatsApp supporters, the “Syam Kapuk” version and for those of you who know other apps, please write in the comments column .. maybe just for the tutorial this time I hope it’s useful Thank you very much for watching and don’t forget to subscribe, like, comment and share if you like the video Thanks you..

7 Advanced apps help WhatsApp that you have to have

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